What does treasure valley fire do?

Treasure Valley Fire is a wildland firefighting company equipped with a task-force of fire engines, including type 3, type 6, and tactical tenders. We contract with government and independent companies to provide fire suppression and emergency services.    

what kind of pay does treasure valley fire offer?

We are proud to offer some of the best pay in the industry. We also provide referral bonuses for employees who recruit engine bosses to work for us.  

do i need previous fire experience?

Specific wildland fire fighting experience is not required for our entry positions. However, you do need basic wildland firefighter qualifications (L-180, S-110, S-130, S-190, ICS-100 and IS-700).

is work seasonal or year-round?

We employ both seasonal and year-round staff. However, our entry-level fire fighting positions are season. A typical fire season is from mid-June through early-October. However, we can only make predictions as to an actual start date as each season is different.

how safe is wild land fire fighting with treasure valley fire?

Safety and professionalism are our top objectives – and we know they go hand in hand. We take pride in our equipment, employees, and training. While all direct work in the fire industry involves an element of risk, we take every measure to eliminate that risk – and we are backed by a 25 year reputation of keeping our employees safe.

What Equipment will I need to Supply?

You will need to provide high-quality boots (we have some recommendations), work gloves, a tent, sleeping bag, under clothing & socks for fourteen days, headlamp, eye protection (glasses work), and any toiletries or medication you may need.

WHAT Equipment does treasure valley fire provide?

We provide helmets, line pack, fire shelter, two sets of fire resistant clothing (Nomex®), company shirts and hats.

are there physical requirements?

Yes. Treasure Valley Fire wildland firefighters must be able to hike 3 miles with a 45 pound pack in less than 45 minutes. Our physical requirements are in place to ensure the safety of our employees and fire crews.